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Import Your Facebook Contacts to Gmail and Yahoo Account Just 3 Steps

Import Facebook contacts to Gmail or Yahoo account easily. You can also download a CVS file of your Facebook Contacts you use it at any place. It is true there is no direct way to do this but it doesn’t means it is impossible. Just follow my tutorial, you will be happy.

Facebook helps us to get connected with our friends. Anyone can easily find his friend on Facebook and easily know about him by reading his Facebook profile info. Many friend added their contact Email on their Facebook account. Other-side Gmail and Yahoo is the most popular Email Service. Today I am explain How to Import Your Facebook Contacts from Facebook account to Gmail or Yahoo account. You can also Export your friends contact Email address as CSV File. So let’s do it.

How To import Facebook Contacts to Gmail?

To import Facebook contacts to Gmail you need to export your contact details from Facebook and Import it to Gmail account. But actually there is no direct way to export Facebook contacts details for Facebook privacy. But today in this post I am going to explain how you can we export Facebook Contact details easily to Gmail or Yahoo contacts or a CSV format file to import these contact at any place . To export Facebook contacts you must have a Yahoo Account. If you do not have a one, Please create a new Yahoo Account. Then follow the next steps.

How To Export Facebook Contacts?

At first login your Yahoo account and go to Yahoo mail’s homepage. Then click the contact tab. On The contact page, click the “Import Contacts” option which is showing on the screenshot.

After clicking on there , a pop up window will open and it asking you for confirmation . Click the Okay Button following the screenshot .

As soon as, all the contacts of Facebook contacts will be imported on your yahoo account automatically with a few moment. Then Click the contacts tab again and select all contacts then click action > Export All. You will be redirect on the next page. Click “Export Now” besides Yahoo! CVS File.

Then a CVS File with all the contact details of your Facebook account will be downloaded .

Import Facebook Contacts to Gmail Account –

We have already Downloaded Facebook Contacts as a CVS File. To import Facebook contacts on Gmail account, you need to upload the CVS File in your Gmail account. So Follow this steps,

At first, Sign in your Gmail account. Click Gmail at the top-left corner and choose Contacts. Click More Action and select Import Contacts.

Click the Choose File button. The Upload the CSV file and click Import. When the upload complete, all the contacts of your Facebook account will be imported on your Gmail account successfully.

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